Walhampton Golf Club

Par 3 99 Yrds S.I. 17
Par 3 94 Yrds S.I. 17
Par 3 94 Yrds S.I. 15

Hole 7

Probably my favourite hole on the course and it’s the shortest.
Not just because of its length but the challenges that lie ahead is why it’s my favourite.
A ditch and a bunker short, out of bounds over the green is why this hole demands its full attention from any player.
It’s only around 110 yards but is a card wrecker.
If the flag is on the left just play for centre of the green!
The green slopes predominantly from right to left with a slight tier in the back portion.
Pin positions can alter club selection here quite considerably and also be sure to check the wind.
Great par 3 and a lovely looking hole.

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